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Simply put, at KittysAndPuppies.com we’re pet owners who love pets. So we’re bringing you the widest assortment of pet accessories and supplies you can purchase, right from the convenience of our website. Here you’ll find some of the most unique pet merchandise out there, from cat play houses to puppy beds, all at deep discounts. That’s because KittysAndPuppies.com enjoys special relationships with manufacturers, letting us pass on the savings to you.

We have all different types of products for cats and dogs that pet owners are sure to love. If you're looking to make your cat more comfortable, you can check out a kitty bed for her, or even browse through our cat scratching board selection so that she'll have something to play with. When it comes to your dog, you might want to dress him up in a dog hoodie if it's cold outside and make sure that you've got your retractable dog leash for when you're taking him out on a walk. In the warmer months, a dog ladder for boat purposes might be necessary if you're going to take your pup out on the water. And lastly, a dog toothbrush is important for keeping your dog clean and healthy at any time.

And if you’re looking for something special that you don’t find here, just drop us a line. It’s likely we can find it for you. Please browse through our categories to learn more about KittysAndPuppies.com, and then contact us with any questions or comments you might have. Thanks for visiting KittysAndPuppies.com, and say hello to your kitty or puppy for us!

For more information, please visit our blog at www.KittyAndPuppyInfo.com.
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